(M: V.Lalayan, V.Saveliev / L: V.Lalayan)


Emptiness is your home

Between heaven and hell

From this day wherever you’ll roam

Every step will lead you to last farewell 


Welcome to hideaway of dreams,

Poisoned arrows, broken hearts and sweet tears

Hero of wasted years

Now your world of forgotten fears

Falls down and no one will come to be near

You’re hero of wasted years


Standing at the final frontier —

City of sins, ghostly prison of hopes

No reason for you to be here

Take a trip to brand new shores


Sail through river of red blood

Spread your wings as you’re really unbound

Hero of faceless crowd

And every day sun goes down as at night

There’s a trace of cold darkness in your kind heart

You’re shadow under moonlight


So there’s no return to past

Your mind will tell you to whom you can trust

Turning your heart to dust

Now stand up and go ahead

Still not alive but already not dead

Hero of tragic end



(M: R.Bashiev, D.Mauzer / L: D.Mauzer)


Fight till the end every day, every night

It is time to take everything what you like

Howl or a scream, you don’t care as you fight

No more fear, ready to your best final strike


Waves are getting higher, rising to the sky

Rain and storm will sing for captain violent lullaby


Storm wind in the darkness tears your flag away

You can’t see a guiding star, try not to go astray

Death is getting closer but no time to pray

Dance your tarantella on your deadly way


It is time for war and the war is on

Look around and see raging ocean of blood

In the dead of night frigate falls apart

You will give your soul to the Lord of the Storm



(M: R.Bashiev, D.Mauzer, V.Lalayan / L: D.Mauzer)


Close your eyes and ask yourself who is by her side

Seems to you your heart will burn and you will lose your mind

All is over and your life will never be the same

It’s so hard to understand that love was just a game

Crazy thoughts inside your head, so you can’t sleep at night

Seems to me your heart is broken and you lost your pride

You are ready to fall down and to kiss her feet

As for me I’d rather die than suffer such defeat


Noone cares!

Desires are so meaningless

Let her go!

She doesn’t want you anymore

As for me I’d rather die than knocking at her door


Solitude and loneliness, illusions of a dream

She left you for someone else and ran away to him

Make your choice and realize what you’re looking for

As for me I’d rather die than come back to that whore



(M: D.Mauzer / L: D.Mauzer)

I really want to touch your little hand
Please let me lost inside your darkest eyes
Down on my knees I will pray for tomorrow
Game will be over and it will be end

Thunder strikes at dark silent night
Bloody dawn will tear us apart
Silent scream – oh, it is only a dream
My silent dream

Turning back to the time I was young
Singing song that shouldn’t be sung
Dreaming of you as I will never come back
From silent dream

I really want to escape from this dream
Please take me back to the place where I live
Sun’s rising up but I’m already dead
My game is over and this is my end

Waterfall at the edge of the time
Takes away all my love and my life
Silent scream – oh, it is only a dream
My silent dream
Get away! The door is open so wide
Get away! Now let the dawn be your guide
Get away! It seems I have to stay here
For million years

Uuuuh, winter inside my heart
Ooooh, bitter-sweet taste of blood
Ooooh, this is my destiny
Ooooh, forever and ever stay here
So please take my soul and get away from my dream
Go now because its all over for me. Away!
To land of the dawn and crimson sunset
Away from a dream and never regret. Away!



(M: R.Bashiev, D.Mauzer / L: D.Mauzer)

When I look to the night sky I can’t sleep
As my mind falls straight down into the deep
I can’t believe
I dissolve in the smoke of cigarettes
Try to drown in wine all my regrets
But no way out and it makes me shout

World without you – a tree without leaves
Life without you – a night without dreams
World without love – disease without cure
I won’t survive in this dark world without you

Lonely candle is burning in the wind
Single flower is fading in the field
And so I bleed
When I open my eyes I cannot see
Pain becomes so much stronger, death is near
I disappear



(M: D.Mauzer, R.Bashiev / L: D.Mauzer)


Moon in the sky is surrounded by stars

He still remember those tears in your eyes

When you got only one last kiss goodbye

Now you have so many cold nights to cry

Hearing the horn he is heeding the call

Sorrow and pain has been promised to all

Looking at fires that burn on the wall

He realized that he’s ready for war


Guard will not sleep all the night

Page will bring sword to the knight

People are ready for war

‘Cause they can’t take it anymore


Light in the night is surrounded by gloom

Please don’t expect he’ll be back very soon

Army was formed and the battle begins

Enemy dies for his all mortal sins

But when the night falls on the battlefield

He dream about all the soldiers he killed

Looking at faces distorted by pain

He realize that he’s going insane



(M: R.Bashiev, D.Mauzer / L: D.Mauzer)


…And again world go insane

There is no chance to survive till the dawn

And the night knocks at your door

Fear inside, you can’t take anymore

Nightmare comes and sorrow stands

Tears your soul and pain still remains

There’s no mercy, fire’s around

I’m your master! Get down to the ground!


No, don’t go away

And please be quiet

Until you fight


Hits up the light

Ever will burn

Within your soul


Light is off and you’re alone

But you got chance to survive till the dawn

Two shadows play upon the floor

You want to live but I’ll give something more

Flash of blade, blood on your hands

Tear out your flesh and pain still remains

Day and night in bitter strife

I am demon of afterlife



(M: V.Saveliev / L: V.Saveliev)


There’s no pain and no dreams

There’s no sorrow and tears

Magic wonderful world

It’s a greatest reward

Leave your fears behind

Let me open your mind

All my thoughts are about

Perfect place to be found


Follow me, my friend!


Welcome to the Holy Land

Where our lifetime should be spent

Only good will be prevail

And all evil will be fail


When two brothers unite

For the glorious ride

There is no turning back

Ready for the attack

Searching for happiness

Reaching for the success

So much affairs to do

One perfect travel for two


Just for me and you


And together we make flight

To the star that shines so bright

All the gates are open wide

To the Holy Land we ride



(M: V.Lalayan / L: V.lalayan)


We’re the ones who never fall apart

We are so amazing, we are so fucking smart

And so we gonna kick some ass tonight

As long as we have the power we will stand up and fight!


It’s not easy to reach for success

Always on your way you meet ravens and rats

And when you have at least seven steps left

You always hear a lion’s roar that crushes your head

We wish for victory or death

With sword in hands we’re ready to fight until last breath

Even if you like to think that we’re underdogs

We will rock you, so you better pray to your gods


Choir: O-o-o, O-o-o! Someone will abuse us, but we really don’t care

Choir: O-o-o, O-o-o!

And if somebody wants to beat us we will take any dare

Choir: O-o-o, O-o-o!

Getting harder, getting stronger we will always be there

We’ll break free anyway, everything will be okay


We never stop and we never quit

There’s a mission we have to complete

Is it true, guys?

Absolutely true!

Seven steps ahead and there’s no turning back

We never run away and we never fade to black

Is it true, guys?

Absolutely true!


A fire in our hearts forever will burn

We’re bravely marching on and we will never return

Through all the gates we’ll pass unlocking all the doors

We never felt such feelings as regret or remorse

We’re the ones who never fall apart

We are so amazing, we are so fucking smart

And so we gonna kick some ass tonight

As long as we have the power we will stand up and fight!

You Are Not Alone

(M: A.Seleznev, D.Mauzer / L: D.Mauzer)

Leave behind all the voices that you hear

Ready to kick down and take off

Now you see the land is far below

Leave behind all the nightmares that you fear

Forget all girls you ever loved

You’ll see a rising rainbow

Cold rain ’s falling down, you’re almost unbound

Two seconds to go – come on!

There will be the day you’ll be far away

Sun will arise. Go!

You’re not alone, all fears gone

Just spread your wings to be free

Fly far away, there will be day

And you will follow me

Someone feels all the fear that you breed

Breaking down all of someone’s  sweetest dreams

Activate evolution in the minds

You’re hero of the tragic end

But in fact you’re hero of the day

Just spread your wings and fly to skies

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