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On the 2nd of March 2018 Russian power metal band «ESTATE» release their new single «Matter of Time» (feat. Mats Leven)
It’s the second single from the album «Mirrorland» which will be released worldwide through
Mighty Music / Mighty Music USA (ex. Japan by Bickee Music) on the 20th of April 2018 on Cd and digital.

Guest musicians include Mats Leven (Therion, Treat, and Candlemass) and Mark Boals (Y.Malmsteen, Royal Hunt,  and Ring of Fire).

The cover, as well as the one to the first album, is done by a famous artist Leo Hao. Leo is known for his works for such bands as Blind Guardian, Primal Fear, Rage, Iced Earth and many others.

Fawn Reginald is there as a constant mascot.

First single is “Winter Kingdom” to which an amazing fantasy video has been created was released in early of January and in just a month the video reached 30,000 views on YouTube!

Currently a European tour is being booked.

“Mirrorland” is the second full-length album of the Estate band. It is powerful, attractive, mystical epic progressive power metal.  There were many crucial events during the recordings and not all of them were positive but “Mirrorland” was born with the help of all the difficulties the band came through.

The album is a huge step up for the band; it becomes obvious as we listen to the sound and overall quality of the material. It is much more heavier and progressive by no means the Estate band lost their calling card – the lyrical and romantic melodism. The album is very diverse but the songs keep the same vibe and are filled with obscure and mysterious atmosphere.

The album has such strong tunes as “Mirrorland”, “Lady Wind”, “The Ghoul” and a dark medium tempo horror story “Springtime”, plus traditional power metal ballads like “Winter Kingdom” and “Silvery Skies”.  There is a special three-act opus that is called “Storm of the Age”. It was written under the influence of works of an American writer, Glen Cook, a founder of the dark fantasy genre.

The recordings began in August 2015 and lasted till May 2017 at the band’s own studio.
Mixing and mastering is done by band’s guitarist Peter Filevsky.


= Track List =

  1. Mirrorland (04:27)
  2. The Ghoul (05:10)
  3. Stolen Heart (04:35)
  4. Winter Kingdom (04:14)

«The Storm of the Age»:

  1. Pt.1 — Storm of the Age (04:12)
  2. Pt.2 — Knight of Hope (04:39)
  3. Pt.3 — Lady Wind (04:50)
  4. Silvery Skies (04:36)
  5. Matter of Time (04:05)
  6. Springtime (04:41)

— Bonus Tracks —
11. Knight of Hope (Mark Boals version) (04:39)
12. Matter of Time (Mats Leven version) (04:05)



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